Website Localization in China

website localization

Why Website Localization Is of Utmost Importance in China?

In the case of China, to localize an existing website requires understanding cultural differences and technical issues that are not common in the western market.

For instance, web design trends in China differ in many ways when compared to the West and this requires a diverse user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The marketing approach is different also and this will affect the way you present your product and the marketing channels you will use.

Moreover, the internet in China is controlled by the government and many resources like Google, for example, are not available in the country. This affects the technical side of your website which will need to be adapted and optimized to rank in China.
Without a doubt, Chinese web localization requires professionals who have a good grasp of the local culture, Chinese consumer behavior, and technical issues that are related to the local internet environment.

                                                                                              website localization

Our Services

As a shortcut to enter the huge Chinese market, localization of your website into both the Chinese language and a style that will appeal to this market has become more and more important. We can help you to reach this goal with the help of our professional designers and translators who understand what the Chinese business culture and the local market responds to. Our website localization services include:

1. Professional translation from English to Chinese:
$50.00/K English Words
$1.00 for testing sentence(s).
2. Picture modification from English to Chinese: USD7.00/piece
3. HTML localization: USD35.00/HTML
4. HTML coding and integration: USD60.00/HTML
5. Web page template design: USD350.00/page
6. Independent website hosting in China: USD650/year


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